Due to the virtual nature of our services,
we are able to save our clients substantial costs associated with running and managing a business.
We are the de facto accounting and business management departments for our clients.
All our services can be handled online via the internet, in your office or by phone.

  • Cloud SolutionsAs a Xero Certified partner, TARGO Advisors utilizes cutting edge cloud-based accounting solutions to facilitate a collaborative and efficient experience for our clients. All the information is submitted electronically and is available via the web 24/7.
  • Monthly SubscriptionsWith ever changing business expenses, TARGO eliminates the element of surprise by charging a subscription that does not change unless additional services are contracted. No hidden service fees or charges.
  • Cost Saving SolutionsNo need for the customer to own software, expensive financial systems or deal with paper. We eliminate manual processes and implement the Paperless Office. No need to travel to your accountant.
  • Targo AccountantsWe provide world-class support and are always available to respond to client needs. We make it simple and eliminate the pain of maintaining high cost accounting and business management systems.
  • Accounting SupportOur principal professionals have between 19 and 34 years of deep experience working with small to large businesses. They are very conversant with accounting and technology to lead your company to the next level.
  • Ironclad SecurityBecause we utilize cutting-edge technology and ironclad security measures, your data is secure from all potential threats include loss or theft of devices that you use to access the internet. As long as you have access to the internet, your data is always available 24-7 in a secure environment!